We make commercials and web videos for awesome companies and non-profits.


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We Also make films

 Available on  Amazon Prime ,  Vimeo , and  YouTube .  (12m)

Available on Amazon Prime, Vimeo, and YouTube(12m)

 Available on  iTunes ,  Google Play ,  Amazon Prime  and  startupland.tv   (1h15m) Screened in over 60 countries.

Available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime and startupland.tv (1h15m) Screened in over 60 countries.

Available on Vimeo (3m) Screened in front of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Mockingjay pt 2.

Available on YouTube (3m)

Available on Vimeo OnDemand (56m)


About InMyTree Filmworks

Justin Gutwein is a Director, Producer, and DP with over a decade of experience in narratives, documentaries, commercials, and corporate storytelling. After finishing his first feature length documentary, Justin rebranded ShineOn Storytelling into InMyTree Filmworks as a way to continue working with awesome companies and on phenomenal film projects.

InMyTree Filmworks has produced Narrative Films, Documentary Films, and Commercials that have been in festivals, screened in over 60 countries, and improved the bottom line for businesses.